Our Customers - Wheelchair Manufacturers


Custom made sports wheel chairs for use in basketball, tennis, rugby etc are subject to impact. The current high-end wheelchairs are made from titanium and carbon-fibre.

Customer requirements

Weight reduction to improve acceleration and manoeuvrability
Resistance to crash/impact damage
Use of existing TIG welding facilities
Ability to use existing materials for joints/bushes etc
Shape and bend tubing using current jigs and fixtures

Project solution and benefits

Use of 953 tubing for weight savings (10%)
Improved crash/impact damage due to 40% higher yield strength over 3Al-2.5V titanium
Can be repaired if required during sports events worldwide
Potential new product range to complement existing high-end materials

Case Studies

Reynolds TechnologyWestfield Cars in partnership with Reynolds develop wishbone suspension.
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Whatever your high-performance tubing requirement, we have the solution.
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