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Reynolds "531" was used extensively in motorbike racing in the 1960-1980's. With current high-strength steels, there is an opportunity for lighter welded steel space-frames.

Customer requirements

Weight reduction for improved acceleration and maximum speed.
Maintain the required stiffness of the frame under racing conditions
Integrity of tube weld zones without cracking
Fabrication using current TIG/MIG welding processes.

Project solution and benefits

Use of 631 tubing to replace Cr-Mo/T45 tubing
Lighter tube with 800+ MPa yield strength in the weld zone.
The space-frame is 19% lighter than the Cr-Mo version.
TIG welded on the same jig as before, with similar diameter tubes
No cost increase due to tooling

Brand recognition for Reynolds 631 helps the frame-builder market the change in material and improves product margins.

Leading motorcycle designers in the UK, Spain and Germany are now considering a re-design for Moto2 GP frames to take advantage of the strength improvements (without losing stiffness) using Reynolds 631, 853, 953 and with the innovative application of butted tubes on some parts of the frame.

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Reynolds 631 in the press

World Motorcycle Land Speed Record


Moto Tech Magazine
article reproduced with kind permission of Moto Tech Magazine

Case Studies

Reynolds TechnologyReynolds 953 is used to set new performance standards in sports wheelchair design.
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