Our Customers - Ice Skaters


Used by Olympic standard ice speed skaters for long and short track race events.

Customer requirements

Light fabrication for improved acceleration, speed, endurance.
Maintain straightness of skate at better than 0.25mm over length after use on anti-clockwise race usage
Integrity of tube/blade weld in racing conditions
Blade to be re-ground during race events due to damage from track debris

Project solution and benefits

Use of 953 maraging stainless steel tube.
20% lighter tube with 1600 MPa yield strength, holds straightness during events
TIG or laser-weldable stainless steel blade
Blade material is also stainless, and can be TIG welded with stainless steel filler wire, yield ~ 1200 MPa after welding.

These ice skates have been successfully used by Olympic and World Champion level skaters who have set new World Records.

Case Studies

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