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From the Home page, use the Product Selector or Materials section to access key technical details for the metals we use. In addition, Frame Builders and Designers can access our current tubing profiles as a PDF file directly from our website in the Materials section. Our larger customers have their own (proprietary) tube designs which are custom drawn specifically for them.

Why is 531 tubing no longer available? [+]

Reynolds have produced butted 531 tubes since 1935. This material was ideal for brazed frames for bicycles and motorcycles, as well as aviation and motor-sport. In the last few years Reynolds have developed a number of new materials that are suitable for brazing and TIG welding. As a result many of our customers saw the advantage of the new materials and changed from 531. The most popular replacement for 531 is the air hardening steel 631, which is 10% stronger and has a larger selection of butted frame tubes to select from.

From 2008, our 110th year, Reynolds offer a limited edition set of 531main triangle tubes for lugged framesets.

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